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HOTCO Oilwell Fishing and Rental Tools

HOTCO has 17 experienced Supervisors located in Cushing, Stonewall and Lindsay, Oklahoma. HOTCO has 12 triplex pumps, 6 duplex pumps, and 12 power swivels

HOTCO also has a complete inventory of fishing and rental tools.

Some of these tools include: 
-Over 50 BOP's, Manual, Annular, Hydraulic Ram
-Downhole Manual and Electric Cable Cutters
-Casing Scrapers
-Casing Swedges
-Elevators and Slips
-XK 90 Swivels
-Cable and Casing Spears
-Hydraulic Jars


HOTCO also represents "HOUGH HAULIN"

Hough Haulin consists of a (5) 10-ton haul trucks, multiple trailers, (5) T-Rex Forklifts, and a full fleet of 1-ton winch trucks.

Hough Haulin specializes in transporting pumps and pits from location to location as well as tubing, casing, pipe racks, and catwalks. If it can fit on our trailer we will re-locate it for you.